Join our award-winning global company based in the Positive Media, Success Education and Personal Development industry.

Our existing sales directors have come from diverse backgrounds: from sales and marketing, to law, accounting, general management, customer service, business owners, to stay at home mums and dads looking to return to the work force. They all have one thing in common and that is to build a stronger financial wall around themselves and their family’s that is sustainable throughout even the most hostile of economic climates.

You will be able to work anywhere, including the comfort of your own home using your phone & a laptop. We have a real proven formula for success, partnered with great business systems and a very successful lucrative income opportunity.

This is NOT about selling things to your friends and family. You also won’t be doing coffee shop meetings and home parties.

You WILL have the possibility to travel the world & be surrounded with positive empowering people.

Key Benefits include:

• Time Freedom
• High return on investment – opportunity of getting your investment back within first 4 sales
• A unique and successful business in the Personal Development industry
• Valuable ongoing training & mentoring, through LIVE and one on one training, provided at no additional cost.
• Part-time or full-time… the choice is yours
• No monthly minimum products to purchase, no stocking of products, no cold calling, no income cap and no making lists of friends and family
• Quick & easy setup… You have the ability to start producing a lucrative additional stream of income in just a few days
• Ongoing training with Social Media on how to generate leads for your business

Our business model is simple and easy to follow. Some of the things you will be required to do are place simple adverts online, conduct brief telephone (scripted) interviews, invest time into your own personal development and mentor others.

With a consistent small amount of time applied daily, your passion and your enthusiasm, this a great business for you. The quicker you start, the quicker you can start earning.

Only those who are self-motivated and driven to succeed need apply online.

Free Info:  https://www.toprosperbydesign.com/jobfeed/

About Prosper By Design

Prosper By Design was created to inspire, motivate and empower people to take back their personal and financial freedom. As an entrepreneur, I assist people from around the world to reach greater levels of personal and professional success. Following in my footsteps, those I mentor are able to build a business in the personal development industry, working from home, as their own boss, with more time, freedom and following their vision.

The perks are endless. Less time spent commuting and more personal time, a lucrative income, and the ability to travel whenever and wherever I like – to name a few! My real passion and excitement though, comes from showing people that they can have this lifestyle too. They too can find their own 'Freedom’.

I seek leaders who are serious about creating a bigger and bolder future for themselves, and others.

With a greater belief and understanding of what you are able to create, you can accomplish much more than you ever thought possible. I’d love to connect with you if you’re motivated, passionate and interested in learning how you can start in this industry!  Apply online.