About Us

For the average New Zealand business owner, listing a job advertisement can be expensive, especially if your business holds a tight budget with a small allocation for advertising expenses.

Why Pay More?

I was recently faced with a similar hiring dilemma and found the process overwhelming. Searching for applicants via a popular job listing sites, such as Trade Me and SEEK, suggested expensive upfront costs well over $179 (e.g. SEEK demands a cost of $225 plus GST for a standard job listing, while Trade Me offers $179 plus tax). I found that if most listing agencies required an arm, a leg and one’s firstborn child to simply post a job, it wasn’t in the budget for a small business owner like myself.

Simple Pricing Plans

Because of this, I decided Kiwi business owners were ready for more affordable options. By developing my own job search website, Jobfeed, customers can now choose between three customized packages most suited to their needs for well under the going rate. Employers or recruitment agencies can choose from the free 10-day trial, the $50 level with 30-day visibility, or the $80 level with 60-day visibility. All featured plans are well under the going rate of job listing competitors in NZ.

Affordable Prices

No matter the occupation or industry, Jobfeed provides the tools to help any business find the right applicant at an affordable price in the New Zealand market.